Paris Neighborhoods

Paris is divided into twenty numbered areas known as arrondissements. They are laid out in a clockwise spiral pattern that begins in the city centre, on the Right Bank.

Jump to arrondissements: 1-4, 5-7, 8-10, 11-14, 15-17, 18-20.

8th Arrondissement

Located on the Right Bank, this is another of the outrageously upscale areas of Paris, but for different reasons than arrondissement 7.

The streets here are located in a district where the ruling families were turfed out after the Revolution, to be replaced by the nouveau riche. It has never lost that haute bourgeoisie atmosphere.

Visitors can browse the shops of Hermès, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel, then visit another district for more reasonable prices.

9th Arrondissement

Found on the Left Bank, this is a district to find the best and worst of almost everything that Paris has to offer.

At one end, you have the Opéra Garnier, panoramic cinemas, and ritzy shopping centres, while at the other end there are porn shops and streets where the trade conducted is mostly in drugs and sex.

Oddly enough, there exists, between these two extremes, a residential area that is home to a number of small hotels that could be patronized by tourists as less expensive. However, they need to be checked first, as many of them are part of the sex trade.

10th Arrondissement

The tenth arrondissement on the Right Bank, seems to be perpetually poised on the brink of urban renewal, but never quite makes it.

The beautiful, historic statues are covered in graffiti. There are quiet, airy squares full of sunlight, and long boulevards full of cheap wares.

Despite being a good distance from any major sites, there are some interesting and inexpensive ethnic dining places. However, it is generally considered not to be a place to linger late at night, by oneself.